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Our goal is to help each one of our veterinary colleagues in every case that might benefit from laser therapy by providing scientific knowledge, clinical cases and highlighting the multiple uses of DoctorVet. Our focus should not only rest on rehabilitation and dermatology but should also encompass its incredible usefulness in internal medicine pathologies that present pain and inflammation. This website therefore seeks to highlight laser science in a simple and approachable way!

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Its content will be expanded and updated on a regular basis to cover the various fields within the veterinary world that can benefit from laser therapy, seeking to implement the use of this therapy in everyday clinical practice.

The goal is to help each one of our veterinary colleagues who already have laser equipment to improve their application techniques, as well as to highlight laser science and raise the profile of other fields that it was not thought possible that could benefit from laser therapy. For those colleagues new to the use of laser therapy, we intend to reveal the fundamental basics of laser therapy so that it can be of use in everyday clinical practice, as well as to introduce this technique into your centres and inform customers about your new treatment.

Feeling comfortable with our equipment requires in-depth knowledge about its characteristics and the benefits to be obtained from it. Of course, we also need to know what it can and cannot be used for.

Seeing is believing!

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What we talk about in our articles

There will be articles about the various specialised fields that might benefit from laser therapy (orthopaedics, osteopathy, acupuncture and, of course, rehabilitation), as well as general clinical situations, understanding the effect of photobiomodulation from laser therapy and presenting three fundamental effects (but not limited to the analgesics effect, inflammatory process control and the biostimulation of various tissues), all depending on the various parameters and the protocols created to that end.

Furthermore, we will see how DoctorVet can help us with skin problems (both wounds and other dermatological problems), musculoskeletal pathologies and neurology.

Many of these pathologies will be explained specifically, as well as other pathologies not included in these specialised fields but that can benefit from laser therapy.

We will also gain somewhat more in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of DoctorVet, given that it was created by a multidisciplinary team consisting of biophysicists with extensive experience in laser therapy, alongside veterinarians with expertise in the subject who help to improve the protocols created with recommendations on application techniques and usage methods. Various tips on the different pathologies that can benefit from this therapy will also be included.

For the entire process, DoctorVet has exclusive software that has been created to help veterinary professionals to improve these protocols by providing additional information about what to do in acute cases, chronic cases, cases of oedema or when no improvement is observed.

How to make someone feel comfortable with laser therapy?

“Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon). Our goal is therefore to provide our colleagues with as much knowledge as possible about laser therapy so they feel as comfortable as possible with the use of laser therapy, capable of reasoning in daily practice about the cases that might benefit.


This knowledge is not only for those who pay for the equipment (as is the case sometimes), but should rather be shared with the whole team at the clinic. Everyone should know what this new treatment is and everyone should think that patients can benefit from it. This will lead to a larger number of patients who believe they can benefit from laser therapy. Remember: “Knowledge is power”.

Furthermore, this increased knowledge has a knock-on effect of increased safety when applying our laser treatment, thereby guaranteeing a higher rate of success in our cases.

DoctorVet will therefore guarantee:

  1. Scientific knowledge about laser therapy.
  2. Knowledge about what laser therapy can and cannot be used for.
  3. Knowledge about the characteristics of DoctorVet, for harnessing its full potential.
  4. Knowledge about application techniques and usage methods.
  5. Knowledge about using the different hand tools.
  6. Knowledge about the various parameters, understanding how the DoctorVet protocols have been created.

DoctorVet has built an active website but there will be many more surprises, including training webinars and private consults for complicated circumstances whenever the situation demands. The goal is to offer comprehensive assistance from the moment you purchase DoctorVet.

We would like to thank each one of you in advance for seeking the best for your patients, taking an interest in looking for new treatment options, dedicating your time (often outside of work hours), continuing to train yourselves and achieving success in your therapies. Thank you!

Remember that laser therapy is defined as: “A form of therapeutic light that uses non-ionising light within the red and infra-red spectrum. It is a non-thermal process absorbed by endogenous chromophores to create photophysical and photochemical reactions at various biological levels resulting in beneficial therapeutic effects”1.

Therefore, all there is left for us to do now is to welcome all those veterinarians interested in more training and gaining in-depth knowledge about laser therapy, especially those interested in learning about the science behind DoctorVet.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”. Isaac Newton.

  1. Anders et al. Low-level light/Laser Therapy versus Photobiomodulation Therapy. Photomedicine and laser surg. Vol. 33 (4): 183-184. 2015

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