Osteopathy and chiropractic

This consists of using manual techniques to correct vertebral subluxation complexes. These adjustments are made in precise locations, at a certain angle and with specific speed and pressure.

Numerous articles have shown the benefits that can be obtained from chiropractic in terms of rigidity and reduced spine mobility by improving flexibility and reducing muscle tension1.

These manual therapies do not usually bring on any side effects. However, patients sometimes feel pain and fatigue as a consequence of releasing nerves that could have been under certain pressure.

Combination of osteopathy with laser treatment

Laser therapy can help reduce this pain by acting on various mechanisms to achieve an analgesic effect2,3,4 (more information in clinical situations under Pain). Furthermore, it also helps control the inflammatory process5 and its effect can be useful when used in combination with manual therapies in cases where the adjustment might cause inflammation (more information in clinical situations under Inflammation).

Combining manual therapies and laser therapy can be effective and highly useful. This was demonstrated by Haussler et al in 2019 when they studied the combined effects of chiropractic and laser therapy in competition horses, treating back pain.

At the end of the study, they concluded that the combination of this physical agent with chiropractic was useful in these patients, recommending multimodal treatment in sports medicine.

Although more studies are needed, the general effects of combining the two therapies can be beneficial and becomes an important therapeutic option..

The characteristics of DoctorVet make it a fine therapeutic option in combination with manual therapies by enhancing the effects of the latter through use of its massage treatment head in contact mode and the scanning application technique.

For chronic pathologies in which greater stimulus is necessary to create the photobiomodulation effect, we recommend increasing the dose by 25-50% depending on the condition of the tissue in question. The treatment schedule would initially be 2-3 sessions/week until the effects of photobiomodulation are observed, subsequently starting to spread the sessions further apart.         

Therefore, combining manual therapies with laser therapy becomes a therapeutic option worth considering.

Seeing is believing!

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