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Product overview


DoctorVet is meant for all your patients: cats, dogs, rabbits, exotics, and horses.
DoctorVet laser therapy delivers four main clinical effects: bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bio stimulation.
DoctorVet is suitable for endless clinical applications – traumas, wounds, inflammations, infections, pain – and for physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture.


DoctorVet provides minimal invasive and painless laser therapy for animals, easy to perform to patients and to be accepted by owners. DoctorVet means less drugs and it comes without contraindications.
DoctorVet laser therapy triggers the body to do what it naturally does, but faster and more efficiently: it increases blood circulation, oxygenation, and ATP cycle efficiency.


DoctorVet delivers shorter treatments for the patients, free doctors and owners time.


DoctorVet grants you a fast Return On Investment – ROI.
4 out of 5 of your patients can indeed benefit from DoctorVet laser therapy and it usually pays back in 6 – 18 months. 


DoctorVet is meant for generalists and specialists, for the whole veterinarian team; it may be operated by veterinary nurses and technicians too. 

Product features


A built-in digital assistant and trainer guides you throughout the treatment, step-by-step.
DoctorVet also provides additional information at any time, for ideal patient management.

Thanks to a 3-click workflow, clinical protocols are just 3 touches away from you: Patient type and color, Anatomic part or wound type,  Treatment area dimension.

Thanks to 5-phase treatments, DoctorVet offers optimal interaction with different tissue types at different depths: skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments, cartilage, fat, and bone.

comes with +100 pre-set clinical protocols, by the work of Dr. Bryan Stephens PhD, co-author of “Veterinary Laser Therapy in Small Animal Practice”.

features a large touch screen for a great user experience.

  • Always connected thanks to the embedded Wi-Fi.
  • Analytics dashboard for treatment metrics and patients’ stats at your fingertip.
  • You can download appointments calendar from you Practice Management System (PMS) trough Modality Work List (MWL).
  • DoctorVet eliminates data entry.
  • Cloud login to access your laser dashboard remotely.
  • Android based, simple as your smartphone.
  • Sends emails to pet owners, stay in contact with your customers.
  • Uploads DICOM treatment reports store patients’ treatment report in PACS and share remotely.
  • DoctorVet facilitates communication with other vet specialists off-site.

Tech specs


It comes with 4 treatment heads:

  • ZOOM spot-size adjustable, in-contact, and non-contact therapy.
  • MASSAGER spot-size adjustable for in-contact mechanical stimulation.
  • SWEEPER tendons and ligaments, large wounds, post-surgical incisions.
  • SPOTTER intra-oral, intra-aural applications and acupuncture.
4 wave lengths + aiming beam
  • 800 & 915 nm (Infrared).
  • 500 mW 635 nm (Red).
  • 1 mW 520 nm (Green) – aiming beam.
Target chromophores are melanin, cytochrome c, hemoglobin. 25,000Hz pulsation, best on wounds.
  • Continuous power (CW) for pain and bio stimulation
  • Minimal pulsation (Hz) for bones and dense tissues
  • Medium pulsation (Hz) for connective tissue and muscles
Thanks to its extra life battery system for intensive and repeated treatments, fast recharge, either AC or wireless.
2,5 kg only, light, and compact, ideal for flexible treatment locations.
  • 15 Watts Continuous Wave Power
  • 16 Watt Peak Power in Pulse Mode (10 W average) – more than what you need!
Near to zero maintenance.

Made in Italy, made in Lambda.
Home of DoctorVet technology, guarantee of success.

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